Who we are

The foundation of 'SPATIUM ARCHITECTS' was laid way back in the year 1989. The aim was to provide specialized professional services for various types of projects. We started with 150 sq. ft. of interior design project and by now we have already provided architectural services to about 1,00,00,000 sq. ft. of projects of various types.

'Spatium Architects' is a team of highly skilled, focused and efficient professionals comprising of architects, interior designers and civil engineers. Our assets are our valuable team members and their skills. We believe that professionalism goes hand-inhand with excellence in all aspects of our lives. All the team members are well-trained individuals who are fully groomed, having varied interests outside this organization also - all without compromising our intense focus on serving our clients to the perfection.

The work structure of our organization is like a 'Pyramid'. The team is lead by the principal architect, Ar. Atul Gupta. Our core strengths are sensitivity, design skill and futuristic vision. The designs conceptualized and are developed by the associates & team members. We get further supported by team of leading consultants. Our deliverables are detailed, clear and informative so that the execution on site is well organized.

The Genesis

Atul Gupta graduated with a B. Arch in 1988 from G.C.A. Lucknow. He is a recognised member of the Indian Council of Architecture. He belongs to the Indian Building Congress and is a fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects. The coveted "National Open Competition for Housing" held by the Delhi Development Authority and Ghaziabad Development Authority as well as the "National Open Competition for Sub District Center" held by YEIDA are only two of the several prizes he has won.

His extensive experience and significant skills provide him the capacity to see every project with an eye toward long-term viability and acceptance. BEE has accredited Ar. Atul Gupta as an expert for the implementation of ECBC.

Our Philosophy

The term 'SPATIUM' is a Latin word which means SPACE. Space symbolizes the cosmic void. According to Hindu mythology, space is an endless and infinite entity inhabited by the Supreme Being, Lord Brahma, who is the creator of the basic five elements - space, air, fire, water and earth. Since every element requires space to exist, therefore everything falls into the domain of this element.

Though space has been conceived as being tri-dimensional, therefore it can be defined by three lines - each of which is perpendicular to both of the others. This space is called 'mathematical dimensional space'. But, for us, space has more than these three mathematical dimensions which can be classified as functional dimension, time dimension and most importantly "visual dimension'. For us, space is the open horizon of architecture and it is this horizon that we work on.